Personal & Group Training

Precision Performance

“Where sports performance meets sports medicine.”

By taking a holistic approach to sports performance, we look at the whole person, building strength and fitness, perfecting biomechanics and examining nutrition. Individuals can work one-on-one with a Physical Therapist or Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist to create a customized program for improvement of specific deficiencies.

Individual & Group Training

To enhance sports performance, The Schwarz Institute provides personal training for individuals and teams in its spacious indoor facility. One of our Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists or Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists will work with you to create a personalized plan to attain goals, correct body mechanics, increase strength and flexibility and improve performance. We also offer group classes and small group training (private one-hour training for 2-5 people).

New Precision Performance clients are invited to take advantage of these special offers:


Small Group Training:
8 Sessions/month $320
12 Sessions/month $420

1 on 1 Private Training:
8 Sessions/month $600
12 Sessions/month $840


DARI is a marker-less biomechanics analysis system that uses 8 cameras to identify compensations, risk of injury and performance inhibitors.

Upper and Lower Extremity Peak Power identifies how much force can be produced in a desired movement.

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches who were all prior Elite College or Professional Athletes will be teaching our classes. All have >5 years of experience, know proper lifting and strengthening techniques and will not let you get injured!

A 60 minute consult with a certified nutritionist to assist in healthy, sustainable nutrition strategies personalized to the clients specific weight related goals.

A personalized diet plan based on client specific goals. Nutritionist will develop a meal plan, monitor adherence, and provide weekly goals, feedback, and learning material necessary to ensure maximum results.